Music TV Show (Studio Based) - Final Year Degree Project

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Music TV Show (Studio Based) - Final Year Degree Project

Hi, I'm Shannon Hodson a final year degree student at Rotherham College. I am currently researching and looking to create a music based TV show. I have already done one before which involved interviews and live performances with local artists. I produced this at our own TV studio in Rotherham (which I will have access to again).

As everyone knows there is a big gap in the media for music based TV shows. If I was to do this for my final project, I just want to know if there are any 'angles' or ideas I could include to make it more interesting that just interviews?
For example, my tutor suggested looking specifically on small independent venues. I want to hear from artists, venue owners/staff, people in the industry and also fans that are interested in the topic.

Also any artists/venues that want to get involved please get in touch!

You can email me at or reply to this thread to contribute ideas!

Thank you for reading!